3 Best Baby Changing Tables

best changing tables

Your baby is a royalty to you, except royal prince and princess like to torment their subjects. Having a royalty in your home is a huge responsibility. You have to treat your royalty right.   We were all babies once upon a time. We did not know how to use toilets. Your royalty might not know it, either. At least, till a certain age. You have to use diapers if you don’t want your baby to make you all dirty with its poops and piss. Surely it becomes a sweet memory when they do that, but still it becomes quite a hazard sometimes.

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Changing the diaper of your baby is your obligation. You will have to do this job. And you will find some baby changing tables in the market to help you out.   Baby tables are not a must. But they are really useful in many ways. Without them, it often gets more difficult as your baby struggles and cries while changing the diaper. The body of your baby is very sensitive. You cannot be harsh on it. If things go wrong, you might injure yourself, as well as your baby. It might harm your health, too. In time, you can have pain all over your body.   There are some good changing tables in amazon.com. They work pretty well till your baby outgrow them.  Right now, I have three tables in my mind I would choose from, if I had a baby. I am going to give you their descriptions.

1. Delta Children Ava’s Triple Drawer  

Delta children changing table

This wooden table has a changing bed for your baby on its top. It is surrounded by some extra space on its edges which will prevent your baby from falling down. Beneath it, there are three drawers. You can keep the clothes and other necessary stuffs in them. Altogether, it is a simple concept. It suits every little baby in the world. While it weighs 105 pounds, babies are always lighter. And it is strong enough to keep your baby relaxed and safe.   You can remove the changing tray when your baby grows big in size. You are at liberty to do whatever you wish with it. That’s the bonus of this table. The pricing is reasonable as well. It comes in two colors, white and black espresso. The materials used in the black espresso table makes its pricing a bit higher than the other table in white color, but it still doesn’t exceed your budget.   The manufacturers promise that there were no leads or toxic materials used in the table which could cause sickness to the child. I would suggest you to go for it if you are running a Day Care Institution with lots of babies. It fits the requirement for things like that, just as it fits your own child, too.

2. Little Smileys Collection’s Changing Station

South Shore Convertible Changing Table

This is a chest and a changing table both at the same time. Without the changing tray, it becomes a chest. With it, your baby has a beautiful changing station.   It too has a security border around the tray. The protocol is quite good. And there are two open storage spaces for you to keep the diapers, which is very handy. And there are four drawers for all sorts of uses.   It is made of non toxic laminated particleboard. But it is as strong as wood. There is a cubby square in the tray as well, where most of the buyers have kept baskets and towels etc. This cubby square is what makes it a great idea!   It is available in three colors, chocolate, pure white and gray oak. You will have to assemble it yourself, but that is not so difficult. It comes with instructions for how to do that.    And there is a five-years-warranty, something other manufacturers don’t always offer. The thing is, it is a piece of stunning beauty!

3. A table from Badger’s Baskets

a table from badgers baskets

The manufacturers of this table really had a lot of concern about your baby’s safety. This table has a safety belt, a safety strap, a safety rail surrounding the changing station and all sorts of precautions you can think of.   Makes it a top choice, doesn’t it?   It has a laundry hamper and three storage baskets. You can take them out of the whole thing or keep them in. It also comes with a changing pad, unlike other tables.   I would say it is a song of baskets. That’s what Badger’s Baskets is about. You have quite a few color choices for this table. It comes in white, cherry, espresso, gray and ecru.  Besides, the price is quite cheap, less than a hundred US dollars. If you think it’s worth it, you can go for it.   You can use it till your baby weights around 30 pounds. The furniture weights 32 pounds itself.

With each table, there is enough storage to keep clothes. You can use them as dressers, other than changing diapers.   So, whatever you desire! It is your choice which one you will purchase.   But let me tell you, all of them work as a throne for your royalty. After all, your baby has a kingdom in this world, and it’s right in your home!



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